2 thoughts on “Deception is the message

  1. tsisageya

    My only question is, are those real tears or is it Vicks Vaporub ala Glenn Beck? Or maybe there’s some other concoction that creates a tear-like appearance. How come Robbie Parker didn’t know about it?

    I kid, but not really.

  2. columjaddica

    I’m not going to lie, this stuff pisses me off. The author of the Hunger Games lived in Sandy Hook, CT.

    The only good thing about this is that you can cite popular culture when perhaps talking about this kind of stuff with a young person. Explaining problems with Sandy Hook and then the background of Suzanne Collins really has an impact on a younger person.

    I hate to become emotional but seeing what’s happening here has been a very disturbing thing to come to terms with. SHE did it for me, while some of you came around much earlier.

    This is all about trauma but even the people who come to understand still are traumatized.

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