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Time: Saturday, November 30, 2013 9:11pm EST

Guests: Armunn, Tom from CT, Dustyash, Farcevalue, Jan Erik. We also listen in to the 9/11 debate with John Friend and Mike Delaney.

Debate Show:




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  1. ab Post author

    This came in today:
    Name: Kieron
    Comment: The ‘debate’ & the ‘fakeologist listen in’ were both enlightening from my point of view… you’ve both buried yourselves into your own rabbit holes (though at least you guys talk calmly.)… at least I suspect so anyway.

    A failure to do ‘due diligence research’ leads to people accidentally claiming that ‘visible light is fake’ or that Simon Shack doesn’t claim “nobody died on 9/11” when he does… repeatedly & in many formats for a great period of time.

    These failures literally mean that half the time I have no idea what it is that you’re trying to say (often through vague metaphors)….

    Do you ‘believe’ that all radiation is fake?
    Is Magnus Carlsen really our supreme overlord?
    Do you ‘believe’ that only some wavelengths are fake?
    Satellite spotting is a fake hobby?
    Do you ‘believe’ that gamma rays don’t exist? Or maybe that X-rays cannot ionize matter? Or perhaps instead that radiation cannot damage cells?
    Is the gambit a stranded rook for a well positioned knight… should it be accepted or declined?
    Seriously Jesuits? Catholic priests run the media… but pretend to be Jewish?

    I don’t know what you believe… nor can I even find a clues thread on these matters. Your terms are so vague & your sources so rarely cited that I don’t know where it is you’ve gotten these ideas from.

    Perhaps it’s me? Maybe there’s some unique source of info that you’ve discovered which would allow me to do due diligence research… otherwise it’s just a circlejerk with ‘thinkers’ (may as well believe in ‘Dark Energy’ if ‘thinking’ is all it takes to make it true).

    Your beliefs are a total mystery to me… BECAUSE you cannot explain them.

    My suspicion is that you can’t explain because you HAVEN’T done the research… you’re like the Scott Roberts claiming that “The Jews wouldn’t blink twice about killing 3000” when he doesn’t even know who any of these supposed 3000 are.

    He’s never heard of ‘Honor Elizabeth Wainio’… his beliefs in regard to her existence are effectively moot.

    Am I a Scott Roberts who needs to know more about Magnus Carlsen or are you the Scott Roberts who hasn’t researched a topic he’s waxing lyrical on? Or are we both Scott Roberts…

    … who knows…

    …. either way 9/11 was a hoax & most of our ‘reality’ is a load of fake bullshit.


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