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What’s going on down there?

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Antarctica Trip 2001

Antarctica Trip 2001 (Photo credit: John “Pathfinder” Lester)

One has to wonder, on this last day of the year, what’s really going on down there, on the last really unknown land mass of the earth. What do we really know about it, other than its damn cold all the time? What secrets does it hold, regarding the shape of the earth? Why is our best understanding of it a penguin movie?

Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators recently made a stunning discovery: a box of 22 exposed but unprocessed negatives, frozen in a block of ice for nearly one hundred years.

via 100-Year-Old Negatives Recovered From Antarctica: Photos : Discovery News.

Scientists aboard ship trapped in the Antarctica ring in New Year

The Australian government’s supply ship Aurora Australis on Monday came within 10 nautical miles of the marooned vessel — which has 74 research scientists, tourists and crew on board — but was forced to turn back by snow showers and freezing winds.

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AMSA said a landing site had been marked on the ice beside the Russian ship, adding that only passengers and none of the ship’s 22 crew would be evacuated.

Is it possible that all this drama is really being carried out somewhere off the Siberian coast? Why is Russia always involved?

What are they hiding?

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War entertainment, with some media

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Some entertainment for the last hours of 2013. As long as you group everything from the weapon of mass deception as entertainment, you should be ok.

Here’s two vids. Which do you prefer?


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Plane crash 1-77-1

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This old fake plane crash story is brought you by the number 7.

I only highlight this story because the video creator mentions that all that is left of the plane and its content is paper everywhere (well, that’s not really true – he did say that the triggerman’s finger was stuck behind the trigger [which was used as proof to close the case] – what a sense of humor these guys have). This of course is what we are told was left all over Manhattan on 9/11.

Is there something significant, I wonder (in the occult), about paper surviving, intact, after horrific events? Is it just a psyOp gag?

h/t Kieron

I wonder how many real plane crashes there have been.

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Nuke/penis fireball image of the week

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Raw Fiery Video of North Dakota Train Derailment   YouTubeNot too sure of the purpose of these planes/trains crashes other than to raise tension of oil transport in North America, other than the usual insurance swindle.

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Hyper Realistic People Sculptures

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Can’t find any evidence of fakery online … so all I can say is wow, this is what I respect in art – hyperrealism.

Ron Mueck

via London Artist Ron Mueck Creates Hyper Realistic People Sculptures.

h/t Banazir

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Lenny Bloom on Jesuit Influence

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Interesting how the Jesuit/Vatican/Rome power structure topic is popping up in more places

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* Podcast Feed: Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park (…)…

* Show Notes:…

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Great 9/11-nuke-Israel did it post

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PShea wraps it all up beautifully in this post:

psheaDecember 29, 2013 at 3:50 AM
why else almost immediately have labelled the damaged wtc area GROUND ZERO (a term previously and solely attached or related to the epicentre of nuclear explosions) unless those responsible for the 9/11 operation wanted nuclear weaponry to be invoked and included into some ‘crazy’ conspiracy later on down the line? (same goes for the obvious jews ‘ to the front and centre’ positioning at every turn within the conspiracy narrative). we are being said and lead here, and it is clear as day. the whole demolition was probably and almost certainly completely legally covered and carried out, and contaminating lower new York with the fallout from mini-nukes/suitcase nukes/matchbox nukes (should they even exist) would absolutely be completely out of the question. khalezov and judy wood are agents of deception, both of whose works do an excellent job of accounting for the visuals, those self same visuals that were crafted well in advance of 9/11 itself.
there is one big tell here on this and other threads. team fetzer/fox/geenhaigh/frankly speaking/Atlanta bill will resist complete fakery to varying degrees but if and when fakery is accepted and admitted, then it is as long as it is accompanied by nuclear demolitions. nice controlled compromise, which still only and ever leads to more lies and deception, all seemingly with the aim of protecting the extremely lucrative and long running nuclear weaponry myth. khalezov contends that mini or suitcase nukes were responsible for destroying a U.S. forces barracks in Beirut in 1983 and killing 241, and again with deep suspicion falling on Israeli/mossad shoulders. I am willing to bet that this is just another faked/staged event with no real deaths. it sure reads like it…… are we starting to see yet? it’s all a set up. we have Israel/rogue and psychopathic newly found state/nuclear weapons/dual citizens in prominent government and control positions/9/11! how many of these little beauties do you keep telling us Israel has again jim? and isn’t it just dandy how jfk was ‘knocked off’ shortly after he began ‘confronting’ Israel regarding their illegal activities regarding the production of certain nuclear weapons? it is all one long running and well thought out and interconnected psy-op with Israel probably ‘patsified’ from the get-go and created to be incriminated and destroyed, most likely about any time now…meanwhile the real Machiavellian powers behind it all sail on into the sunset, unwaivering and untarnished. cushty.

fakery fakery everywhere
and we lap it up.…

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Can we close the Sandy Hoax case up now?

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The hoaxsters are getting lazy. My comment:

All I see is an old school that needs to be replaced (at 10x the normal cost). I guess the Hollywool special effects people are busy making their own movies to spare any time ghouling up child actors (or sims) with blood and guts. Thanks for saving us all the time with your review. It’s time to ignore the psyOp hoaxsters – that would be their worst nightmare – that no-one cares about their fake reality.

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Television is chewing gum for the eyes

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Yet there is no sorrier sight to watch then the vacant faces of those former high school and college students when, at thirty-five or fifty, all their mental alertness having vanished, the spark gone from their eyes, they dutifully chew their gum to keep from yawning, while absorbing the chewing gum for the eyes of the movies or the chewing gum for the ears of the radio.

The same men who once read Shakespeare, Molière, Byron glance at the headlines of their tabloid papers, turn straight to the page of the funnies, to devour them with the same dutiful sense of boredom as they swallow their hamburger at lunchtime and their highball after dinner.

via Television Is Chewing Gum for the Eyes

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