War and Politics as Entertainment

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Politics and war are an illusion.

If I were to offer a seminar on the nature of war, I believe that the first class session would include a showing of the film Wag the Dog. Those who wish to justify the obliteration of hundreds of thousands of total strangers in the name of 0;good” versus “evil,” or “national honor,” will likely find the movie discomforting. As the governments of India and Pakistan self-righteously, and in the name of “God,” threaten one another with a nuclear war that could instantly kill anywhere from ten to twenty million people, it is time for decent, intelligent people to put down their flags and begin to see war for what the late General Smedley Butler rightly termed it: “a racket.” This film offers a quick reality fix.

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1 thought on “War and Politics as Entertainment

  1. tsisageya

    Does this mean, then, that Andrew Jackson didn’t really sign off on the forced relocation of Indians otherwise known as The Trail of Tears? Is that an illusion too? Revisionist history? For example.

    One can only wish.

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