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The impossible puzzle

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Further to the last post, this came to mind with the collapse footage of the WTC, the central imagery to the 9/11 deception.

The goal really was to create such disinformation, both visual and “documented” of the destruction, that any educated person would not be able to explain it. This is because the conflicts are central to disinformation, to create an impossible puzzleen.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_…

Intelligent people will stay away from even trying to explain the footage and event in general because they can sense, quite quickly, that it cannot be explained. Less intelligent people will try to solve the impossible puzzle, and will quickly learn it can’t be solved with the conflicting information and will also withdraw. That leaves the less educated masses to spin away forever trying to explain the unexplainable. They will always have a puzzle piece left over, or try and force it into their theory.

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1978 plane crash physics

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Two things come to mind about why they may have made the plane disappear into the building: one, they needed the fuel of the plane in the building to help explain their fuel/fire melting steel/causing collapse silly story. This also dovetails into the question “why didn’t they just show real collapse footage of the controlled demolition?” The answer is, as Simon has explained, that they needed footage to correspond with fuel melts floors causes collapse, to make the collapse as dramatic as possible.



Making of airplane crash scene for the movie ‘The Medusa Touch’, 1978

h/t Herge Degrelle

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More Toronto Operation Gladio

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Keeping the public/police tension alive by pumping out false stories. This story makes no sense at all: police killing a naked man on a Monday morning in suburbia, absolutely no names of anyone released for “privacy reasons”. I could go on but this likely false story is just another in a series to create distrust and tension between the public and police.

TORONTO – A 47-year-old man who was gunned down while naked during a confrontation with Durham police this week has died in hospital.

The deadly encounter happened in Ajax — in the Westney-Rossland Rds. area — around 10 a.m. Monday when Durham Regional Police responded to disturbance calls about a man “acting in a strange manner,” Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

“There was an interaction between police and the man,” the SIU said Tuesday, explaining “an officer discharged his firearm, striking the man.”

There have been six police shootings involving GTA officers — four in Toronto — during the last two months. Three of those shootings were fatal.

In the Ajax incident, witnesses claimed the man was running around naked prior to the confrontation with police.

He suffered life-threatening gunshot wounds and was rushed to Rouge Valley Hospital in critical condition. He was later air-lifted to the trauma centre at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

“He succumbed to his injuries (Tuesday) morning at 4 a.m.,” the SIU said. “At the request of family, the man’s name will not be released at this time.”

The SIU, which probes any serious injury or death involving police, has assigned 13 investigators and three forensic investigators to the case.

via Man shot by Durham cops in Ajax dies | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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The strategy of tension (Italianstrategia della tensione) is a tactic that aims to divide, manipulate, and control public opinionusing fearpropagandadisinformationpsychological warfareagents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.[1]

The theory began with allegations that the United States government and the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 supported far-right terrorist groups in Italy and Turkey, where communism was growing in popularity, to spread panic among the population who would in turn demand stronger and more dictatorial governments.[citation needed]

Lotto lies

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Hamilton woman loses ticket  but wins big — think  50 million big   Toronto StarAnother very difficult to believe lottery story from the Ontario Lying and Gaming Commission. The lessons I’ve learned from the story are pay for your tickets with a credit card, enjoying being recorded on video while buying stuff, and be happy the OLG is working hard to make sure they pay out money fairly, even if you’re not paying attention.

My question is, does it make it easier to create phony winners when they say they will go to the winner as opposed to waiting for the winner to come to them? It probably doesn’t matter when you control the entire situation.

An unbelievable set of circumstances have come together for Kathryn Jones, who won $50 million from an unclaimed Lotto Max prize drawn a year ago — a win for which she lost the ticket and never checked the numbers.

via Hamilton woman loses ticket, but wins big — think $50 million big | Toronto Star.

There are so many problems with this story. The biggest one is how can you have a winner without a ticket? Wouldn’t this simple requirement open up a pandora’s box of people claiming they’ve won? Is the OLG going to hire 10,000 investigators to follow up on anyone’s claim?

How long does Shoppers, or any store for that matter, retain recorded video? My guess is that most won’t keep it that long, certainly not for a year. Most overwrite every 24 hours, and only grab the video if something occurs.