1978 plane crash physics

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Two things come to mind about why they may have made the plane disappear into the building: one, they needed the fuel of the plane in the building to help explain their fuel/fire melting steel/causing collapse silly story. This also dovetails into the question 0;why didn’t they just show real collapse footage of the controlled demolition?” The answer is, as Simon has explained, that they needed footage to correspond with fuel melts floors causes collapse, to make the collapse as dramatic as possible.



Making of airplane crash scene for the movie ‘The Medusa Touch’, 1978

h/t Herge Degrelle

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1 thought on “1978 plane crash physics

  1. ArmunnRigh

    If they had made footage that was physically accurate, most probably this site would not exist, nor would any of us be looking at video fakery. Interestingly, Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, along with all other blatant minor psyops, seems to have attracted more people to the investigation regarding video fakery at 9/11 (whichever branch of it) and even events further back.

    Something to wonder about, for sure.


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