More Toronto Operation Gladio

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Keeping the public/ alive by pumping out false stories. This story makes no sense at all: police killing a naked man on a Monday morning in suburbia, absolutely no names of anyone released for 0;privacy reasons”. I could go on but this likely false story is just another in a series to create distrust and tension between the public and police.

TORONTO – A 47-year-old man who was gunned down while naked during a confrontation with Durham police this week has died in hospital.

The deadly encounter happened in Ajax — in the Westney-Rossland Rds. area — around 10 a.m. Monday when Durham Regional Police responded to disturbance calls about a man “acting in a strange manner,” Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.

“There was an interaction between police and the man,” the SIU said Tuesday, explaining “an officer discharged his firearm, striking the man.”

There have been six police shootings involving GTA officers — four in Toronto — during the last two months. Three of those shootings were fatal.

In the Ajax incident, witnesses claimed the man was around naked prior to the confrontation with police.

He suffered life-threatening gunshot wounds and was rushed to Rouge Valley Hospital in critical condition. He was later air-lifted to the trauma centre at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

“He succumbed to his injuries (Tuesday) morning at 4 a.m.,” the SIU said. “At the request of family, the man’s name will not be released at this time.”

The SIU, which probes any serious injury or death involving police, has assigned 13 investigators and three forensic investigators to the case.

via Man shot by Durham cops in Ajax dies | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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The strategy of tension (Italianstrategia della tensione) is a tactic that aims to divide, manipulate, and control public opinionusing fearpropagandadisinformationpsychological warfareagents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions.[1]

The theory began with allegations that the United States government and the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 supported far-right terrorist groups in Italy and Turkey, where communism was growing in popularity, to spread panic among the population who would in turn demand stronger and more dictatorial governments.[citation needed]

2 thoughts on “More Toronto Operation Gladio

  1. Herge Degrelle

    Just happened to stumble on this photo today:

    Making of airplane crash scene for the movie ‘The Medusa Touch’, 1978…

    Been aware of the movie for 3 years (originally found it on ex-Zappa-Duran-Duran guitarist Warren Cuccurullo’s old you tube channel which doesn’t exist anymore) but hadn’t seen this particular “making of” photo of this 9-11 predective programming film before. Seems like a recent release. I’m sure nobody put it out there to reinforce any ongoing narrative.…

    They actually get the crash-physics far more accurate in this 1978 movie with parts falling off and then a morning after scene where parts are being picked up from in front of the building. Which goes to show they could have made a “documentary live-news-event style” version of the same crash-physics for 9-11 if they had wanted to. I’m sure they tested this on people beforehand for years and decided: “why bother? Most people couldn’t tell the difference between a real crash and a fake one anway, add some fear and trauma to taht and they’ll be dumb as shit and easily triggerable to lose complete common sense. We’ll just have the planes cut through the buildings like butter and all the morons will buy it anyway.

  2. Johan Backes

    2’sday at 4 am is a 24 or 42 which is Jupiter or Tin on the periodic table. Another key number to look for….


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