BBC Bear lie

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Too bad he’s just talking about nature footage.

Perhaps he could comment on the fake footage the BBC showed in , in particular the often cited famous Building 7.

‘It is wrong to mislead viewers and, as has been the case in the past, if you have to edit footage so things are not exactly as they were, you should explain to viewers why that has happened. Otherwise the danger is people stop believing in the truth of these programmes and viewers’ confidence in the BBC’s output will be undermined’

– MP John Whittingdale…

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1 thought on “BBC Bear lie

  1. ArmunnRigh

    Sometimes admitting a small crime will cover a serious crime. I think it’s the case with this whole thing here.

    There are people talking about staged events on TV? Let’s stage catching a TV program red-handed just to show how much we care about truth. Then less aware people will return to the now common response when confronted with the suggestion of media fakery: “With so many people involved, someone would have come out and said something. Like in that bear show, remember?”

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