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It’s illegal to broadcast lies in Canada, but

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…the most that can happen is that you’ll lose your licence to broadcast, and no media outlet has ever been charged with any violations? The main point is it’s not criminal, and therefore the existing law isn’t stopping anybody.

Or, at least, the rule will remain on the books. Apparently, the CRTC has never actually taken any action against a station pursuant to that rule. One of the arguments for the amendment, in fact, was that the CRTC lacked enforcement capability, and had never enforced the rule anyway. But the CRTC does have the ability to revoke a station’s license–which might give a station owner at least a little pause before allowing its on-air talent to present unsupported theories as fact or get too overzealous in their conclusions or spin on the news.

via Should Lying Be Illegal? Canada’s Broadcasters Debate – Lane Wallace – The Atlantic.

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Still no tears

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A year after this very pretty actress played green screen with Diane Sawyer, she still can’t tear up.

I guess lying about this will be her life sentence. Most of our slave jobs are just drudgery. If you had to lie for a living, even for money, wouldn’t it eat you alive from the inside out?

From the Reuters lying service (again, what concentration of news we have today from really only one main source).



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Nutty people or war on craigslist?

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Nothing has hurt the newspapers’ classifieds sections more (a major revenue source) than craigslist and its knock-offs. So whenever I see a media story on craigslist.org, I am immediately suspicious. Does this story seem real to you? It’s full of the magic numbers. Do people this crazy really exist? Aren’t people so drugged out (legally) that they lack almost all motivation? Unless you are in a drug-induced rage (legal or illegal drugs), it takes a lot I’d imagine to kill someone, especially with a knife.

From the media hoax specialists at AP (the super concentration of news services is so dangerous, especially since local papers have almost no reporters left).

A couple married for just three weeks lured a man to his death with a Craigslist ad because they wanted to kill someone together, police said.

Elytte Barbour told officers before his arrest Friday night that he and his wife, Miranda, had planned to kill before, but their plans never worked out until last month when Troy LaFerrara responded to an online posting that promised companionship in return for money, authorities said.

“They had tried to kill others before this victim but the plan didn’t work out so they continued to try to find someone,” police wrote in an affidavit.

Elytte Barbour, 22, and Miranda Barbour, 18, face criminal homicide charges in LaFerrara’s death. His body was found Nov. 12 in an alley in Sunbury, a small city about 100 miles northwest of Philadelphia. The couple had recently moved to nearby Selinsgrove from Dunn, N.C.

via Newlyweds celebrated marriage by allegedly luring man to their home and murdering him, police say | National Post.

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All purpose psyOp actor

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Boy this guy is one lucky sim! He has survived a trio of psyOps! 9/11, Bali and the big tsunami of ’04.

PsyOps are very expensive. Makes sense to economize on the characters.

It all started on September 11, 2001. Mark Weingard, a former trader, was due at Fuji Capital, a Japanese bank that occupied floor 79 through to 82 in the old South Tower of the World Trade Centre. Only he was running late after working through the night on his fledging interest rate-trading platform. “I rang them to say sorry. And they said, ‘Don’t bother coming in. A plane’s just hit the World Trade Center’.” Minutes later, the second jet crashed into Fuji Capital’s offices, killing 23 of their employees. To this day, Weingard, now 47, says he has not watched any footage of the jumpers. “I refused, the day afterwards, even to turn on the TV. I’ve never seen any of the video coverage.”

via The man who survived 9/11, Bali blasts & ’04 tsunami – The Times of India.

Fake speed demon

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Sorry, there is no way one can drive this fast drunk and make it across 50 km of this roadway. No way. There is SOME traffic at that time, and rarely have I ever seen a speed trap at this time. This story is a complete fabrication. CP/AP/Reuters have taken to making up stories to sway people into thinking certain ways. Note the use of 33, an occult number, and other numbers whose digits add to 11 (2+9). Notice no actual “officials” are quoted. Please also note it is not against the law for the media to lie, as long as they don’t libel real people. Since the mentioned perp is most likely fictive, they can say whatever they want about him.

 A Mississauga, Ont., man faces charges after police say they clocked a Porsche SUV travelling at 233 km/h on Highway 401.

Provincial police say an officer conducting a speed trap on a stretch of the highway in Toronto spotted the Porsche Cayenne zipping by in a 100 zone around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police in Toronto charge man with drunk driving, caught going 233 km/h in Porsche | National Post.

Also, if he lived in Mississauga, where was he going drunk on the eastbound 401? That’s not the direction of his home.


Within minutes of making my comment, a shill account (this one freshly registered) responded with an ad-hominem attack. Instead of addressing any of my points, a simple character assassination is all that is required to derail the conversation. This is a classic disinfo trick. Now if anyone who’s on the fence on my post sees this post, they are more likely to not post at all and stop considering the concept of media fakery and deception.

Not all shills are freshly created. All the major websites have paid shills meant to disrupt and derail almost any topic. It is instructive to check a shill’s profile, especially if they are using a commenting service like Disqus. You can sometimes detect patterns of disinfo.

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