Fake speed demon

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Sorry, there is no way one can drive this fast drunk and make it across 50 km of this roadway. No way. There is SOME traffic at that time, and rarely have I ever seen a speed trap at this time. This story is a complete fabrication. CP/AP/Reuters have taken to making up stories to sway people into thinking certain ways. Note the use of 33, an occult number, and other whose digits add to 11 (2+9). Notice no actual 0;officials” are quoted. Please also note it is not against the law for the media to lie, as long as they don’t libel real people. Since the mentioned perp is most likely fictive, they can say whatever they want about him.

 A Mississauga, Ont., man faces charges after police say they clocked a Porsche SUV travelling at 233 km/h on Highway 401.

Provincial police say an officer conducting a speed trap on a stretch of the highway in Toronto spotted the Porsche Cayenne zipping by in a 100 zone around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

Police in Toronto charge man with drunk driving, caught going 233 km/h in Porsche | National Post.

Also, if he lived in Mississauga, where was he going drunk on the eastbound 401? That’s not the direction of his home.


Within minutes of making my comment, a shill account (this one freshly registered) responded with an ad-hominem attack. Instead of addressing any of my points, a simple character assassination is all that is required to derail the conversation. This is a classic . Now if anyone who’s on the fence on my post sees this post, they are more likely to not post at all and stop considering the concept of and .

Not all shills are freshly created. All the major websites have paid shills meant to disrupt and derail almost any topic. It is instructive to check a shill’s profile, especially if they are using a commenting service like Disqus. You can sometimes detect patterns of disinfo.

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1 thought on “Fake speed demon

  1. columjaddica

    It can be frustrating but know that you do reach some people here and there… If anything seeing a comment like yours kinda opens up the idea, the people who viewed it might have shrugged if off or scoffed at it, but over time they become more receptive to the idea.

    There was a story near Detroit Michigan that has a lot of signs of fakery. The police shooting of Aiyana Jones. Note the picture of the girl has been inserted into a background of white Disney princesses. If you look at the holes around her neck and under her hair you can see that she was inserted over the background, to make the story more racial. I tried to point this out in comments, it’s pretty easy to see, I thought people could pull their own conclusions and figure out that the image was created to manipulate them. The responses I got were very negative.


    I actually think the whole story is fake, an A&E reality TV show crew was there when it happened. Kinda strange, but defendant Joseph Weekely and A&E producer Allison Howard seem to have awfully similar faces (as seen in the above article in court).

    Hey look, they framed the picture!


    It’s interesting to find fakery in stories that are generally only local-interest. Michigan had some other recent fake stories as well, I found the photos from the highway sniper incident very suspect.

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