It’s illegal to broadcast lies in Canada, but

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…the most that can happen is that you’ll lose your licence to broadcast, and no media outlet has ever been charged with any violations? The main point is it’s not criminal, and therefore the existing law isn’t stopping anybody.

Or, at least, the rule will remain on the books. Apparently, the CRTC has never actually taken any action against a station pursuant to that rule. One of the arguments for the amendment, in fact, was that the CRTC lacked enforcement capability, and had never enforced the rule anyway. But the CRTC does have the ability to revoke a station’s license–which might give a station owner at least a little pause before allowing its on-air talent to present unsupported theories as fact or get too overzealous in their conclusions or spin on the news.

via Should Lying Be Illegal? Canada’s Broadcasters Debate – Lane Wallace – The Atlantic.

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