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127 hour hoax?

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Just wondering… the story sounded impossible to believe back when I was asleep. The requisite movie, the goofy stories surrounding the players, a few magic numbers.

If this is a hoax, why do you think the characters resurface years later after their psYop hoax has run its course? Do you think they violated their terms of service of their non-disclosure, and they get booked on phony charges to scare them back into compliance? Or is the new story just another hoax?

Aron Ralston, the Colorado adventurer who cut off his forearm to free himself from a dislodged boulder in a Utah canyon — an ordeal made into the movie 127 Hours, was arrested in Denver on allegations of domestic violence after police say he and his girlfriend got into an altercation.

via Aron Ralston, who inspired 127 Hours after cutting off his own arm, charged with assault, ‘wrongs to minors’ | National Post.

Wikedpedia with the incredible, ridiculous story:


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And the Oscar goes to…

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One thing for sure, we won’t win any friends doing our research, but when the media shoves these “personal” moments in our face, are they not asking us to at least observe and somehow be affected?

I am not sure about any event in and around the Toronto Police Service at this point. So I must quite simply question everything they put before us.

This “brother’s” speech had many oddities to it. He turned from being very “emotional” to making a 180 degree turn and make an off the cuff joke at 10:10 about a heart donation. Other strange topics to bring up included bringing a puppy to a family that wasn’t allowed to have one in their condo, to a corny, and scary mall incident in which he threatened some unruly teenagers from mocking a Filipina with ketchup.  Both strange stories sound more like a bad script than real.

“he had a contagious smile and sparkle in his eyes…” Is this something a brother would say about another, especially two guys who spotted each other weightlifting in a gym?

Const. John Zivcic’s brother gives emotional speech at funeral | 680News.

You watch and decide.

Remember, the 9/11 deception was the biggest hoax of our time. The script writers and psyOp departments have to do something in between big ones.

This event could be one of them.

Here’s a 9/11 family member actor to show you how it’s done:

Rebranding of Nelson Mandela

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We really are a NWO or globalized state. From worldwide psyops with similar goals to idolizing former “terrorists”, it seems local is superseded on all fronts by what our global masters have in mind.

Take this small example. Most private and public flags are flying at half mast now since Saturday, the day it was announced that Nelson Mandela died — in Canada. What exactly did Mandela have to do with Canada? Really, nothing. He didn’t change the lives of any Canadians I know of. I know Canada agitated for change in South Africa, on cue by its British masters.

Most children today don’t know who Mandela is, but are force-fed a revised history. No talk of how he could have been released from prison at any time if he renounced his endorsement of the violent change his ANC espoused. No talk of the famous necklacing, where a tire is doused in gasoline, then put around an informant or collaborator’s neck and set afire.

History truly does get whitewashed and re-written. Future generations will have no idea about the fakery of 9/11, just like JFK or the Russian propaganda surrounding Germany’s concentration camps of WW2.

A very good No Agenda show talks about Mandela at the 6:00 mark. (funny line…the Santa Clausification of Mandela). He also mentions how Mandela was a a real-live Kony (my comparison), especially when brought to life by the world’s entertainment illuminati at the London Concert. What a coincidence that a movie of his life was premiering the day his death was announced, and his daughter was even attending the premier at the death announcement time! The coordination between Hollywool and the world’s media and politics is rife with amazing synchronicities. (I don’t doubt he died sometime in the past and the death announcement was timed for the nutwork’s convenience).

No Agenda Show for Sunday Dec 8 2013



* Show Notes: 572.nashownotes.com/

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