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One thing for sure, we won’t win any friends doing our research, but when the media shoves these 0;personal” moments in our face, are they not asking us to at least observe and somehow be affected?

I am not sure about any event in and around the Service at this point. So I must quite simply question everything they put before us.

This “brother’s” speech had many oddities to it. He turned from being very “emotional” to making a 180 degree turn and make an off the cuff joke at 10:10 about a heart donation. Other strange topics to bring up included bringing a puppy to a family that wasn’t allowed to have one in their condo, to a corny, and scary mall incident in which he threatened some unruly teenagers from mocking a Filipina with ketchup.  Both strange stories sound more like a bad script than real.

“he had a contagious smile and sparkle in his eyes…” Is this something a brother would say about another, especially two guys who spotted each other weightlifting in a gym?

Const. John Zivcic’s brother gives emotional speech at funeral | 680News.

You watch and decide.

Remember, the was the biggest hoax of our time. The script writers and departments have to do something in between big ones.

This event could be one of them.

Here’s a 9/11 family member actor to show you how it’s done:

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