I washed her brain

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I’ve always liked movies, and I’ve always loved deception. Perhaps that’s why I am so fascinated with the movie.

John Dvorak mentioned the movie The Imposter in passing on a recent show, so I grabbed it up and watched it. The main reason I was drawn into the movie was two-fold: the seeming ease in which those that are in positions of authority are fooled, with little evidence; and then the ease in which a family is convinced, despite clear visual evidence to the contrary, that an imposter is their son (their willingness to believe in the is later semi-explained in the plot twist).

Here’s a mini review from IMDB.com:

‘The Imposter’ tells a remarkable a story. A petty criminal survives by impersonating child runaways – eventually, he dares (through necessity) to pass himself off to a family as their long lost son, and they believe him. Which begs the question, why?, and two possible answers. The first is that the will to believe (and the absence of grounds for suspicion) is sufficiently strong to overcome the natural evidence; the second is that the family have a motive of their own for ‘finding’ their child. Told with the participation of all involved, the story is horrible, and not exactly fun to watch, but compelling nonetheless. I’d like to have known more about the imposter’s background, though, and his present; how he got into, and out of, the kind of life he lived, a series of lives, in fact, all belonging to somebody else.via The Imposter Reviews & Ratings – IMDb.

Now of course this isn’t a site for film reviews. It is, however, specializing in deception, and people’s willingness to believe in deceptions.

I had to re-watch the first half, as it made more sense once I finished the movie (I rarely do this). There is a plot twist at the end that sadly, as is often in 0;real” life, does not get resolved.

The movie has a loveable grandfatherly-like P.I. that busts the case open with the famous Dallas Goldbug ear comparison. I found this oddly uncomfortable. Is ear analysis real?

Missing person web page of child at the time:


Go watch this movie and come back here and comment from a fakeologist perspective. I should try and get Frédéric Bourdin on the broadcast.

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5 thoughts on “I washed her brain

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      1. smj

        is he real? peut etre.
        however i did notice that according to francparler’s tweets , mssr. bourdin’s fille has an interesting name, isis. what are his other kids names — horus, set?


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