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Jesuit Oath

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Here’s a discussion of a power structure you don’t hear much about anywhere in the internet. Why not I wonder?

If this is a real secret society that the world’s leaders are part of, shouldn’t it be disclosed for transparency?

Tom Friess of www.Inquisitionupdate.org is starting a series on the diabolical Foundation of Dispensationalism Futurism. Tom is on First Amendment Radio at 10:00AM Central Time, Monday thru Friday This week he will be explaining the definition of the fourth vow of the Jesuits. You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create…


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109 planes

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Occult numerology is apparently as important in business as it is in psyops. I doubt it’s simple coincidence.

Air Canada has chosen Boeing Co. planes over those from Airbus Industries in a deal worth at least $6.5-billion (U.S.) to replace the workhorses of its fleet


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Baseball is Masonic?

likes this

Very good podcast on the trivium.

Towards the end listen how the game of baseball is full of Masonic symbolism.

This show contains excepts from our logic discussion (which will be in the next podcast). These are are two pi


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Denial and deception

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Denial and Deception (Russian: Maskirovka) is a term which describes a particular type of information operation employed by a government agency, often an intelligence service. This sort of operation both blocks an adversary’s access to accurate information regarding one’s actions or intentions and, simultaneously, convinces said adversary of the accuracy of false information regarding those actions and intentions. These two distinct tactics, therefore, directly complement one another. Denial most often involves security and concealment to prevent foreign agents,


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How all those people are kept quiet

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Making an unwritten gag order official for life, and these people aren’t even in the military. This of course is how they keep those involved in psyops quiet.

A proposed lifetime gag order for employees of members of Parliament that would restrict their ability to share information — and stifle the kind of whistleblowing that led to some of the revelations in the Senate scandal — is triggering alarm among Parliament Hill staff, according to a union representing some of the workers.


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Building 7 Hellerstein ruling

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Hellerstein still ruling away on 9/11 issues. His ruling makes total sense, since Building 7 was probably brought down by CDI, the world’s leading demolitions experts.

Of course what you saw in TV was simply a recreation of the event, since the real demo probably happened in the morning with the other 8 buildings behind a smokescreen.

Negligence was not the cause of the collapse of a third World Trade Center tower several hours after the twin towers were destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a federal appeals court said Wednesday, absolving a developer and others of responsibility in the destruction of the 47-story building.


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