Baseball is Masonic?

likes this

Very good podcast on the trivium.

Towards the end listen how the game of baseball is full of symbolism.

This show contains excepts from our logic discussion (which will be in the next podcast). These are are two pi


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4 thoughts on “Baseball is Masonic?

  1. aybesea

    jeez, I brought this is up on call with Chris Kendall like 3 years ago.. Look at the Diamond, it’s the square and compass. Either way, who cares? Doubleday, never invented the game. Jews stole it and put all their stupid kabalistic crap in it and made tons of cash, still do along with distracting millions.. others will have you believe it was the scary Jesuits that own it. Who do you think caused the great blacksox scandal of 1919 w. shoeless Joe jackson? ….correct.. wake aint the Jesuits..

  2. Blue Moon

    Abner Doubleday, the mythical creator of baseball, was a Union general and certainly a Freemason- He was also an occult historian and the primary translator of the works of the ceremonial magician and occultist Eliphas Levi- Albert Spalding, of the sporting goods empire, and an early pillar of major league baseball, decided baseball should have a commanding figure as the game’s inventor (A game plagiarized from the British version called Rounders)- This is why Doubleday was long touted as the founding father of the game- There is another myth about a Wall Street banker named Alexander Cartwright inventing the game in 1845- He was probably a lodge brother as well- He ended up actually being one of the powers behind the throne of the last kings and queens of Hawaii-
    With all the 3’s and 9’s involved in the rules and the square and compass design of the field, of course such a fraternity as Major League Baseball would be tricked out with masonic accoutrements- This angle also supports the ritualistic rather than competitive nature of the sport and lends a great deal of credence to the likelihood that the wins and losses are prearranged-
    As for the source podcast, I’ve always found School Sucks intriguing and a little suspicious- The host is a slick presenter and he leans on libertarian principles way too much for my liking, but he’s the one guy who has taken the Gatto message forward in a practical direction- He’s absolutely right in pointing out what should be obvious to all: Kids are not defective, the system is-

    1. ab Post author

      Great post. Thanks for the insight. Why isn’t this basic knowledge? Why do we wonder around this “great” society not having a clue as to who built this system we’re in and why?

      1. Blue Moon

        It’s right there in their label: Occult- Occlude- To hide from view- To obstruct light- In addition, the lights are turned on in another part of the room to distract- Most games are played at night under artificial light-


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