Building 7 Hellerstein ruling

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Hellerstein still ruling away on issues. His ruling makes total sense, since Building 7 was probably brought down by CDI, the world’s leading demolitions experts.

Of course what you saw in TV was simply a recreation of the event, since the real demo probably happened in the morning with the other 8 buildings behind a smokescreen.

Negligence was not the cause of the collapse of a third World Trade Center tower several hours after the twin towers were destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a federal appeals court said Wednesday, absolving a developer and others of responsibility in the destruction of the 47-story building.…?.tsrc=samsungwn

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1 thought on “Building 7 Hellerstein ruling

  1. knagjak

    How can people observe court proceedings and world events and not see the our “justice” system is obviously flawed. NSA most likley has the ALL blackmailed one way or another. I dont know. I think its stupid that there are still court cases related to 911 and non of them are on the topic its need to be. Lets just have one huge court case, one huge mass media attack on “what f***ing happening on 9/11?!?!).

    Most likley the world will never know for sure. The poeple who got rich after the 9/11 are the people we need to be confronting. since our court system is useless for this type of justice.


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