How all those people are kept quiet

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Making an unwritten gag order official for life, and these people aren’t even in the military. This of course is how they keep those involved in quiet.

A proposed lifetime gag order for employees of members of Parliament that would restrict their ability to share information — and stifle the kind of whistleblowing that led to some of the revelations in the Senate scandal — is triggering alarm among Parliament Hill staff, according to a union representing some of the workers.…?.tsrc=samsungwn&.sep=table

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3 thoughts on “How all those people are kept quiet

  1. wanda

    Well, if they are enacting laws, they are of the nature of getting around the ones currently restricting their stealth actions. That’s why they are all Jews and attorneys for the most part.

    Good people don’t need laws. That was the con.

  2. UNreal

    More propaganda only.
    The system works just fine as it is, no need for any new laws or anything else.
    this kind of news & debates, imo, are just made to make us busy and chasing shadows. if such laws passes or not, it’s still the same system working. and it works fine (unfortunately).

    just look at the constant efforts such as NSA scandal, Wikileaks & in a lesser degree Tillman or Hastings (whistleblower “deaths”)

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