9/11 cognitive dissonance

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What a fascinating study of cognitive dissonance.

Simon’s comment is also very instructive (the punchline is in red):

It really is fascinating to see how effective this old ploy (of using fabricated imagery to fool the masses) can be – even to the eyes of a professional photographer.

As I see it, it works a bit this way, psychologically speaking : since even a 12-year-old can tell how grossly fabricated the imagery is, an adult / experienced professional (photo / video imagery expert of any kind) will look at it and think: 0;Duh! IF I HAD been recruited to do that crap I would have done a far better job! I cannot believe that anyone in my trade /line of work would have done such a mess of it.” This thought, true and valid as it would seem, is further supported by the very professional integrity and self-respect that such a person observes for him/herself. These considerations – formulated from the perspective of a professional standpoint – will ultimately override any rational and objective analysis of what experts are asked to pronounce themselves upon.

In this case, the (pre)fabrication of the 9/11 TV imagery – a scam of such monumental scope / planning and resources which, “if it were true, would surely have employed the very best professionals in the field.”
See, the ‘Big Lie‘ professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world’s population on a daily basis probably know better – when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts – and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes – or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere “in the middle” – so as to befuddle EVERYONE – and of course – to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other. 

So far, the “Nutwork”, as I like to call it (i.e. the gang of pricks ‘’ this world ) has succeeded quite nicely to deceive us all – but they are not getting away with it for much longer, in my honest opinion. Why, you may ask? Well – if all they can throw at us are 14-year-olds such as this boring “Don Fox” clown – you know that they’ve just run out of steam.

All this is from this thread with a very good Fetzer show:


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6 thoughts on “9/11 cognitive dissonance

  1. farcevalue

    I had the impression his retraction was not entirely self motivated. Perhaps he recanted after some discussion with his significant other on the impact of jumping on the fakery bandwagon. Royalties dispensed by the media or additional opportunities may suddenly be restricted or eliminated if he were to be public.

    It still brings me joy to see new sources promoting the exposure of fakery.

  2. columjaddica

    Well, that was frustrating to watch.

    I’ve gotten some similar reactions in the past. After presenting arguments to an older family member I got the reaction of their brain turning off. They replied “I’ve had a good life, multiple homes, many grandchildren. I just simply cannot believe that our government is evil”. Basically, because he was a good person, and was able to live a good life, then the government HAS to be good. Completely willing to throw out any evidence as long as it protects that idea.

    One of my siblings approached me after a family gathering recently very aggressively with something like “I heard you are a racist conspiracy-theorist”. Basically demanding that I explain my beliefs. I explained about media fakery and that I believe it is very widespread and being used to justify many changes to society and government. After going back and forth trying my best, she settled on “You’re a terrorist”. Nevermind that I specifically stated that I don’t believe in revolution but am just looking for some non-violent solution to help people see it. Nope, I’m just a plain old terrorist, and simply holding the opinion that news events are fake makes you a terrorist. I think this is some “You’re either with us, or against us” thinking, which is humorous coming from a hardcore Bush-hating San Diego liberal.

    It doesn’t matter what evidence you present.

    I’ve also gotten “Nobody cares, this doesn’t matter at all” several times from friends when discussing fakery. I’d say that’s the most frustrating response because I see them justify real-world changes based on these fake events.

    1. elbuggo

      The power of “everybody knows” is huge.

      If they can tell a lie to everybody, all at ones, and keep telling them that lie over and over again, until the people actually perpetuate the lie themselves, then they are in business.

  3. rickpotvin

    Speaking of cognitive dissonance, here’s some visual dissonance I found a few minutes ago– and immediately thought of you, Ab, and Simon and your readers here. (Markus too). What a strange video this is– I had to watch it several times and freeze frame and slo mo it to get the fully impact.

  4. Tom

    Excellent.. A gripping real-life kitchen sink drama that, I don’t think I’m alone around here, in really relating to.

    For me. If a friend does that I

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