ep80-Armunn and Jan Erik

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Showtime: Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 9:11pm EST

Guests: Armunn and Jan Erik

Callers:Dusty Ash, PShea, Tyler, Videre

The book: Ellul_Jacques_Propaganda_The_Formation_of_Mens_Attitudes


Jacques Ellul (French: [?lyl]; January 6, 1912 – May 19, 1994) was a Frenchphilosopherlaw professorsociologistlay theologian, and Christian anarchist. Ellul was a longtime Professor of History and the Sociology of Institutions on the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences at the University of Bordeaux. A prolific writer, he authored 58 books and more than a thousand articles over his lifetime, many of which discussed propaganda, the impact of technology on society, and the interaction between religion and politics. The dominant theme of his work proved to be the threat to human freedom and religion created by modern technology. Among his most influential books are The Technological Society andPropaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes


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12 thoughts on “ep80-Armunn and Jan Erik

  1. Blue Moon

    Listening to the show (haven’t quite finished all of it), the subject of the creation of the Jewish race came up again- I thought of the indigenous peoples of North America, vastly divergent tribes and cultures that were corralled under the rubric “Indians” (Currently in the USA, they are referred to as “Native Americans”)- The distinctions between tribes was lost primarily through European immigrant oppression, and partly from attempts by tribes to unite against these immigrants- The remains of these indigenous cultures and genealogies are now nearly extinct, yet the concept of “Indians/Native Americans” is still used as a political tool, albeit in a more subtle and localized way than the concept of the Jewish race which is used practically as a weapon on the international stage-

  2. UNreal

    Very educating show, Jacques Ellul is really giving insight into the 20th century propaganda.

    propaganda cannot create something out of nothing. It must attach itself to a feeling, an idea; it must build on a foundation already present in the induvidual. The conditionned reflex can be established only on an innate reflex reflex or a prior conditionned reflex. The myth does not expand helter-skelter; it must respond to a group of spontaneous beliefs. Actions cannot be obtained unless it responds to a group of already established tendencies or attitudes stemming from schools, the environment, the regime, the churches and so on. Propaganda is confined to utilizing existing material; it does not create it. (p.36)

    the most important and longhailed work could then be considered to be done by the institutions cited by Ellul : schools, the environment, the regime, the churches. Will the internet of today build our future propaganda, and are actors such as A.Jones, Fetzer, M.Allen etc. are more damaging/important than we think ?

    1. ArmunnRigh

      Exactly, I would say, UnReal! That is exactly, I dare say, one of the most significant points about the current internet alternative information sources. These actors, like the ones you mentioned, act as milestones in a school course, a progressive indoctrination into a new reality (or propaganda model, background story, paradigm, etc) . What will the “graduation” be? What “jobs” (roles) await the “graduates”?

      All questions to consider about what awaits beyond all that truth is not.

      1. UNreal

        re ArmunnRigh:

        as you referred to in ep80, a magician need movement and speed to best implement an act or strategy, and in this sense they are well served with the internet as a platform.
        in this perspective, do events as Sandy Hook, Boston, Kenya Mall (etc) show signs of more confidence and control rather than any weakness (in the system/propaganda) ?

        1. ArmunnRigh

          Only about a month or two ago, I used to think that those progressively clumsier psyops were signs of a weakness in their system. Now, I’m pretty sure of the opposite – it is part of the “truth course” in this online university.

          I think that when the time is right for TPTB, those clumsy psyops will be used to point out motives for a wholescale rebellion to justify military intervention that will exhaust the masses emotionally. After that, the populations will be looking forward to a new order that will stabilize the unbearable chaos.

          1. UNreal

            Unfortunately, i share your view,, 🙁
            i’m uncertain what the new order will look like or entail, but i’d presume the changes will be gradual and not drastic as many expect.

            as for Europe, will the new order start with Greece ?

          2. ArmunnRigh

            Yes, I think Greece will play an important part now. I’ve thought about that recently: fakeologist.com/forums/topic/l…

            As to what will come, my postulation is that it will be a technological type of “sovietism” that will be made to look appealing by being preceded by a chaotic situation, a breakdown. Something along these lines:

            Venus Project


            Here you get the sales pitch, of course, but it can easily be seen how this would look so appealing on one hand and where it would actually end up on the other.

          3. columjaddica

            I started feeling 6 months ago that some of the flaws in the psyops were intentional.

            Sandy Hook was very poorly done, but I still thought it was accidental.

            Boston was blatant in every way

            Now we see it every day and they push the limits with these celebrity death stories. It feels to me like they are trying to break down the current reality (hard and fast), but most people’s worldviews seem to be very resilient. Actually, I see most people doubling-up behind their opinions, possibly in response to the attacks on their worldviews.

            I wonder if they can get all of the different factions to fight each other simply by providing events with all of these inconsistencies?

  3. JohnnyClues

    what a great episode! as the number climbs, the episodes get deeper, more informative and better and better….kudos to all on the call and the loyal listeners! Thank you for your courage!

    1. knagjak

      I agree. That was the first time calling into anything of that nature before. After going on this different course of my life its been difficult transitions whats in my head into words. Its kind of like what was in the book talking about how it is difficult to “unprogram”. I have finally gathered a common focus and goal in my mind that i always keep to try and steer my in the right direction and on a more enlightening fruitful path. Good to find a growing journalistic, radio show type group here. Very cool.



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