David Arnold on deceit and deception

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I’ve created a feed for my favorite audios here, so you can simply plug them in to your favorite audio device and grab them.


Here’s one from last year.

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about the answers*

Deceit and DeceptionNB: 98min

* Duration 1:38h, Published 4/4/12 10:07:59 AM


* Show Notes: radiofetzer.blogspot.com/2012/…

* Podcast Feed: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast (feeds.feedburner.com/TheRealDe…)

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2 thoughts on “David Arnold on deceit and deception

  1. JoeyZ

    Thanks, Tim, I would have missed this one. I stopped listening to
    Jim back in 2011. Failure to progress in spite of reams of new data;
    but I digress…. The last 1/3 of the show was worth the price of
    admission – where the guest explains “the age-old card-trick.”

    Thanks again Ab 🙂

    1. ab Post author

      No problem Joey. No guest is perfect, but some have more nuggets than others. I try and save the good shows, especially in deception.


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