Hard to tell what’s real

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Interesting read on .

In an age of utter fakery, when the line distinguishing what’s authentic from what’s a sham gets narrower by the nanosecond, it’s hard to know, having read it on the Internet, if we’re in the matrix or not.


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1 thought on “Hard to tell what’s real

  1. Blue Moon

    A nice, deliberately schizophrenic example of what Armunn was talking about regarding pattern placement prepping people for performing proper protocols per predictive programming- To wit: The author first references The Matrix to put forth the idea in the reader’s mind of how we may not be able to distinguish what is real and what is “real”- The author is your guide so just follow along as he explains what you are really experiencing- Then he moves on to physics which is not a real thing in that it can’t prove anything by demonstration, only by theory, but implies that we may, in fact, be living in a hologram because scientists propose it- He drops Plato’s name to give the claim some academic oomph- Then he relates how the matrix-like suffocation of gadgetry has replaced immediate sensory experience by describing the sidewalk rage-inducing oaf in front of you glued to his iPhone (neat plug for Apple, likely a financial contributor to the fastest growing Jewish news source in America) as well as warning that resistance to the pacified oaf and his gadget will cause you stress- You can’t beat them so join them- He drops a lesser name in Baudrillard to give prestige to the singularity metaphor of the detailed map literally becoming the space it describes and in proper Matrix-like fashion superseding it- The ground beneath our feet is only a projection- Then he poo poos what he has been proposing to set up an affirmation of it using the Actor in Chief (he insists he’s real flesh and blood but also an actor) and a likely hoax involving a schizophrenic projection (not a real person but a performance anyway)- It also associates the Prez (and black leaders) with the mentally ill as metaphor and subtly suggests that hoaxology is the pastime of lone nuts- This finally is all in the service of distinguishing hoaxes from real stuff like, oh I don’t know, maybe Nazis? Of course he means the Holocaust, with the predictable use of children as the bait because the children must carry forward “reality” in the face of its possible virtual extinction- The lesson? Resistance is futile- Become an oaf-


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