Is Joe really on the case?

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Is this reporter really on the case? Does he really want answers? Is he another piece of the disinformation campaign, giving the impression that someone is looking into these (false) stories?

In today’s world of social media it’s difficult to keep things secret.

Unless you end up shot, wounded or dead in custody of the , where recently basic facts, details and information are not being publicly revealed.

via 2 dead, another wounded at hand of Toronto Police, but who are they? | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

My comment:…

All good questions. In a public society, names need to be released. There can be no privacy when it comes to public servants and their spending of community money (taxes) or any violent interaction with the public. This is police-state secrecy and has no place in a 0;democracy”.  On the other hand, perhaps these are fake stories to begin with? How do we know they’re even true at all? If they were fake, giving names causes many complications and requires background work to build profiles (social media and others). If our so called “free” press can’t get access to this information, how can the average wage slave who lacks the time or resources to investigate? All disturbing questions — can’t wait to get your answer Joe.

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