It’s science!

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Be careful of the new religion, that may actually have co-opted a legitimate field of study: scientism.

via Scientific studies fraudsters – YouTube.

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2 thoughts on “It’s science!

  1. Carole Thomas

    Another case in point via the Daily Fail:

    “Disgraced: Iowa State University assistant professor Dong-Pyou Han resigned in October after admitting to falsifying federally funded AIDS research
    Bradac, who oversees federal AIDS vaccine grants, called it the worst case of scientific fraud he had seen in 24 years, The Des Moines Register reported.
    The human blood that was surreptitiously added to rabbits’ blood came from people whose bodies had produced antibodies to HIV, thus skewing the results of the experiment.
    Han’s so-called breakthrough made headlines in the scientific community, raising the possibility that an AIDS vaccine was not far off.
    But the scientist’s brazen gambit began falling apart when other researchers were unable to replicate his results.”…

  2. ArmunnRigh

    It appears to me that there are two types of scientific fraud, or, better said, two types of usage:

    a) The higher myth: This involves scientific “knowledge” that acts as a backdrop for the entire culture.

    Example: The moon landing

    The higher myth is not based on a direct and practical application in the society, but builds up the confidence on what the culture is able to achieve. These higher myths are all seen as huge achievements for mankind. It is therefore fear-free, as the protection from disbelief comes from the need to belong to a bigger and higher group. They also provide background models for “reality”, to act as a foundation for other myths to be set upon them (ex: the current Earth model).

    b) The lower myth: This type acts directly and practically on the society and culture, it has direct influence over people’s lives and also serves a direct economical interest from interested parties.

    Example: HIV as the cause for AIDS

    The lower myth has a direct money line that can be traceable to the more visible interested parties (cui bono) and it is usually also surrounded by a veil of fear, unlike the higher myth, because it requires a negative emotion to prevent disbelief or a deeper investigation into its “facts”.

    Both types are of course funded and there are entire groups that make a living off them.


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