Sandy Hoax Redux with John Friend and co.

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John has a great show with two very well read ladies, deconstructing . expert Tom from CT weighs in as well. Sophia has a very calm, intelligent way of looking at Sandy Hoax, unlike most others I’ve ever heard.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by Kelley from Tulsa and Sofia Smallstorm, two independent investigators of the alleged shooting at the Elementary School last December. Kelley, Sofia, and I will be discussing their investigation and conclusions regarding the Sandy Hook 0;shooting,” and the political and cultural agenda which has been and continues to be advanced in its aftermath.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report – Kelley from Tulsa & Sofia Smallstorm.

John didn’t bring up the word “Jew” once that I heard. Even if it ends up being a one big Jewish world conspiracy, which I don’t believe (oh for things to be that simplistic), peppering interviews with this word poisons the message for the mainstream. Good work John.

Here are some of the mentioned videos:


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