The handy identical twin

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I think every naughty boy wished he had an identical twin at some point. Wouldn’t it have been convenient to blame the other twin when caught with one’s hand in the cookie jar? This thought isn’t lost on the writers of today. To wit:

I’m not really caring much about the Walker, F&F story, although it’s often hard to avoid when looking into . This latest ridiculous twist – a previous unknown twin – will play the dead man’s role — is beyond the pale ridiculous to believe. The hoaxsters have no shame in pushing the believability boundaries. They are simply mocking the sheeple at this point.

The latest news about the casting problems of Fast & Furious 7 has Cody Walker named as the number one choice to play Brian O’Conner; Cody the invisible brother of Paul Walker looks amazingly like his late sibling. Attempting to find out anything about the 25 year-old stuntman is difficult or more accurately nigh on impossible. Using media information that Cody has worked as a professional stuntman as a starting point should have given access to, at the very least, a short bio.

It does not. Hence the description of Cody as the invisible brother. Apart from the odd photos and the sudden interest articles; information on the younger sibling of Paul is scarce. It almost seems as though he did not exist before his brother’s tragic demise in the Porsche Carrera GT that crashed and burned on Nov. 30 this year. It seems that someone had access to information not available to the average citizen about Cody’s professional standing as a stuntman.

via Fast Furious 7 to Use Cody Walker Invisible Brother of Paul Walker. (once more, from the Guardian. Are most of these psyOps London based?)

Reminds me of another set of psyOp 0;twins”.…

Identical twin astronaut brothers, Mark and Scott Kelly, have provided with a unique opportunity to study the health effects of weightlessness. Since the men share the same DNA, NASA plans to prod and poke the pair while Scott is up in space and Mark remains earthbound — and see what differences they can find.


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  1. columjaddica

    I really suspect that they can realistically produce these characters from the ground up in CG. From the pictures I’ve seen Cody doesn’t look that much like Paul, although I haven’t seen a lot of pictures.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul never existed, and same for a whole bunch of other celebrities.

    Also, before these brother stories popped up, they had been saying that Paul finished the f&f movie before his death. Then that changes to his brother is going to finish it…

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