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ep81-Reviewing fakeologist.com

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Showtime: Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, 9:11pm EST

Guests: Atlanta Bill, Jeremy

How the moon lit:


Topic: the latest Fetzer show.

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Fetzer and 9/11: getting closer to seeing clues

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The re-education of Fetzer continues, as he gets closer to the cluesforum.info way of looking at 9/11.


My comment on his blog:

El Buggo,

I agree with your introduction of the nuclear fakeology to this conversation. It seems central to Don Fox’s view of the destruction. The fact that they were able to lie about 9/11 and get away with it makes one question what other big lie was pulled on the world successfully: the Moon Landing, JFK, and the whole nuclear weapon concept come to mind. All contain the central components of the 9/11 deception: bad imagery and repetitive or psychic driving of memes.


Without nukes and victims, 9/11 was a simple demolition of 9 buildings to move a population into giving up more than half of their tax spending to a military wing of a global cabal, who’s origins go back to Babylon (but that’s another show).


As for the authenticity of Pshea or OBF, I’ll vouch for them anytime. Real investigators who do not believe in mythology that is often promoted here.

The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Don Fox.

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Mini crime hoax stories

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I suspect this story has two purposes (coming from the Sun’s Chris Doucette, resident hoax reporter).

One, to create a feeling of tension and apprehension among the public, and two, to make it seem that there is lots of crime going on, coincidentally when the police budget is being debated.

Since we don’t probably really know how much crime is really out there, then we’ll never know if we are paying for too many police. Who knows, we may have 50% more police than we need. With an aging population and a growing group of immigrants who are more family based (with better morals, and I speak of SE Asians), I am sure crime is on the decline. Too bad we can’t get an honest study.

Six suspected baby-faced crooks — a couple of them barely old enough to drive — face 120 charges for a violent string of gunpoint robberies committed earlier this month, Toronto Police said Friday.

A group of armed thugs, dubbed the Cross-Border Bandits, worked in teams of two or three to rob four convenience stores over 11 days in the city’s west end and in Peel Region, police alleged.

And one business was held up twice.

Staff-Insp. Mike Earl, who heads up the holdup squad, alleged that bandits “were on a spree, terrorizing clerks at night.”

He said the first two stick-ups occurred Dec. 6.

via 120 charges laid after violent robbery spree | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

Media admitting fakery

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See the media self-regulating itself here. Here they admit to “mistakes”, keeping you distracted from the real problem: that the media is a weaponized organ of the intelligence agencies that control the states. This story is also a type of predictive programming, getting you used to the idea that images can be faked without disclosure. It would be great if they’d admit that entire stories are faked, but we have movies and books for that.

Most here agree that entire stories are faked hoaxes, with the faked imagery being only a small component of a total psyOp. If there is any message you take away from fakeologist.com, this should be it.

Great website: media “ethics”.

Below, check out iMediaEthics’ roundup of our top ten photo flops of the year: the fake photos, the graphic photos, the photos that shouldn’t have been published and more.

via Top 10 Photo Flops of 2013: The Gruesome, Fake and Silly Photos.

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