Media admitting fakery

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See the media self-regulating itself here. Here they admit to 0;mistakes”, keeping you distracted from the real problem: that the media is a weaponized organ of the intelligence agencies that control the states. This story is also a type of predictive programming, getting you used to the idea that images can be faked without disclosure. It would be great if they’d admit that entire stories are faked, but we have movies and books for that.

Most here agree that entire stories are faked hoaxes, with the faked imagery being only a small component of a total . If there is any message you take away from, this should be it.

Great website: media “ethics”.

Below, check out iMediaEthics’ roundup of our top ten photo flops of the year: the fake photos, the graphic photos, the photos that shouldn’t have been published and more.

via Top 10 Photo Flops of 2013: The Gruesome, Fake and Silly Photos.

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