Mini crime hoax stories

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I suspect this story has two purposes (coming from the Sun’s Chris Doucette, resident hoax reporter).

One, to create a feeling of tension and apprehension among the public, and two, to make it seem that there is lots of crime going on, coincidentally when the police budget is being debated.

Since we don’t probably really know how much crime is really out there, then we’ll never know if we are paying for too many police. Who knows, we may have 50% more police than we need. With an aging population and a growing group of immigrants who are more family based (with better morals, and I speak of SE Asians), I am sure crime is on the decline. Too bad we can’t get an honest study.

Six suspected baby-faced crooks — a couple of them barely old enough to drive — face 120 charges for a violent string of gunpoint robberies committed earlier this month, said Friday.

A group of armed thugs, dubbed the Cross-Border Bandits, worked in teams of two or three to rob four convenience stores over 11 days in the city’s west end and in Peel Region, police alleged.

And one business was held up twice.

Staff-Insp. Mike Earl, who heads up the holdup squad, alleged that bandits “were on a spree, terrorizing clerks at night.”

He said the first two stick-ups occurred Dec. 6.

via 120 charges laid after violent robbery spree | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

1 thought on “Mini crime hoax stories

  1. smj

    i suspect there may be a third purpose, or reason. if you have a budget for ops and you have assembled a staff of personas and their handlers; you might as well use ’em. somebody has to spend that tax revenue.


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