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Hoi on blame the Jews

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Hoi opens up the blame the Jews discussion.

Is anyone else getting really fucking depressed by the number of people who pay attention to our research only to rush to blame “The Jews” and bring up that tired old Protocols of Zion stuff?


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Power is out

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We had a big ice storm on the night of Dec 21, 2013, our last show, and all power was lost shortly after we left the air.

The power is still out, and of course, my generator won’t start either (gasoline has ethanol in it now, and believe me, it decomposes within weeks).

No power really reduces the population to third world status. It’s quite amazing how so many billions are defrauded by our power company, Ontario Hydro, via the nuclear hoax, the windmlll and solar fraud, yet they can’t figure out how to make the grid smart enough to stay up, say like the internet.

I will be upgrading to a 10 kwh natural gas generator shortly. It got pushed off after the last blackout, as we were lulled into complacency by no problems over the years. As our power rates spiral out of control, my own natural gas generator may even work out to be cheaper in the long run.

The latest show will come online eventually. Look for an OBF interview on his good works this week.

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