Hoi on blame the Jews

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Hoi opens up the blame the Jews discussion.

Is anyone else getting really fucking depressed by the number of people who pay attention to our research only to rush to blame 0;The Jews” and bring up that tired old Protocols of Zion stuff?


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3 thoughts on “Hoi on blame the Jews

  1. aybesea

    is anybody else getting sick and fucking tired of these people who claim, everything in the world is some huge hoax. that nothing can happen and doesn’t happen, because it’s a hoax??? Nobody dies, no war ever happened, nobody could possibly crash their car. Just because a celebrity does it, it’s a hoax by some mystery cabal of ghosts running it all behind the scenes..

    Like the above post kind of states., when ever the word, Jew is used, people all stop in their tracks. Saying it cant possibly be them, the poor persecuted Jew. It’s someone else. Yes, it can be and sometimes is.

    But if any facts come forward, pointing to anyone else besides the Jew it’s real. If it points to the Jew it’s a hoax or ghosts. Media works in amazing ways.

    happy holidays

  2. ArmunnRigh

    Honestly, I’ll be more depressed if people one day aren’t able to express an opinion at all, objectivelly or not.
    Yes, any incoherent or unfounded discourse becomes intolerable to the intellect of any “truth seeker”, but that is about any subject. It appears that there are quite a number of imbeciles around accusing the jews without making any sense, but there are a lot of imbeciles discussing all sorts of subjects too, and this does not mean that there is nothing objective to say about the jews or anything to accuse them of.

    You already know my stance on this subject: yes, jews are involved, but are not the masters of the scheme, just another piece among many other on the board. Therefore, they have a “bill to pay” for what they participated in. There are no innocent victims in this game. If someone has something objective to say about the jews, they should, as they should about any other group or subject. The problem is when too much emotion gets involved – it makes it personal.

    Still, it rubs me the wrong way whenever people just cringe when the word “jew” is mentioned, even if in an objective discourse, which is something nowadays not seen for almost any other word. Nobody blinks when there’s a mention on how the european colonists “whites” commited atrocities, but everybody has a “holocaust” trigger linked to the word “jew” and it immediatelly denses the atmosphere. It is an emotional response, typical and indicative of programming, which is unacceptable, in my view, among honest seekers.

    This is verifiable in person and on the internet.

    Of course, the word has been assigned this effect on purpose, as I’ve discussed other times, but we must only judge the information that reaches us objectively, not react emotionally to pre-programmed trigger words – or at least we should be alert and try as much.

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