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Official NORAD Santa Tracker

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Official NORAD Santa TrackerSince it’s becoming clear to me that the world’s powers are really at war with their own populations and not with each other, one must wonder if NORAD

Official seal of the North American Aerospace ...

Official seal of the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Note that the oceans’ colour is supposed to be “turquoise” www.norad.mil/about_us/heraldr… but has consistently been rendered, in recent years, as frankly greenish. Older memorabilia uses a bluer colour, ranging up to light blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

does anything really useful, or just cost us billions and, of course, track Santa.

Official NORAD Santa Tracker.

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More water in the helmuts

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As I look up at the sky looking for Santa, I was reminded of this story earlier in the week.


Heard the part of another water leak from the ISS space simulator swimming pool that all the fakery is filmed in, with a helmut filling up with water. Second time this year! They better get a better scuba-diving equipment supplier.

NASA was quick to stress that the latest problem was unrelated to the spacesuit water leak that befell European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA’s Chris Cassidy, during a previous July spacewalk. When the pair were attempting to replace some of the external hardware of the ISS, Parmitano’s helmet began to steadily fill with water – a fault originally thought to have been caused by a leak through a hole in the astronaut’s ventilation system. It later transpired, according to NASA engineers, that the problem resulted from a contaminated device inside the suit.

via Spacesuit Compromised During First ISS Spacewalk.

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