Fake Toronto Shooting

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A random Google search led to this recent story…some good fake pictures of shots to the head. Perhaps these students have careers ahead of them in ?

A School in Ontario Staged a Fake Massacre for a Police Training Exercise | VICE

Journalism students at Sheridan College, near Toronto, were ordered to take down video and photos (which you can see in the gallery above) of a mock school shooting that have ruffled some feathers with the school’s faculty and administration.


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2 thoughts on “Fake Toronto Shooting

  1. columjaddica

    They do this all the time in the US. As a matter of fact, they did it at an training exercise at an Aurora High School (very very close to the high school that was recently shot up in Colorado).

    From 11/14/2013

    To make the exercise as real as possible, more than 135 volunteers willingly let makeup artists create wounds and injuries on their bodies. The list of volunteers included 55 drama students from an Aurora high school as well as EHS students.


    Why would they use 55 students from a different school??

    I’ve seen this at schools all over the place, they often give you a few gory pics but not always. They use drama students for this, training them for future roles?

    Somebody that I know brought that story to me because it happened in their local area and they saw part of the response during the exercise. We weren’t surprised when the Arapahoe shooting popped up on 12/13. It’s less than 30 minutes from Aurora to Centennial or Littleton. They are adjacent to one another.

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