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Visual illusion

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Eyewitness testimony is among the most unreliable — even your own eyes can fool you quite easily.

Speaking of eyewitnesses on 9/11 – most, if not all, were paid (media) actors that saw exactly nothing themselves. Even the conflicted sightings were put there by design, because eyewitnesses are, once more, unreliable as a rule.

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Dust Ban on air

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Banazir and Dusty Ash indulge in a little bit of fakeologist.com afterparty talk.

There are many gaps but you can fast forward to the meat in the middle.

Nice try chaps-getting a good audio going isn’t as easy as it looks.


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Murder noise

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More tension building “murder noise” with a story from resident Toronto Sun hoaxster Chris Doucette: no names, no details, no information. Chances of this story being real are really low.

A 47-year-old man has been arrested after two women were found slain in Markham on Christmas Eve.

York Regional Police say the accused walked into their headquarters in Newmarket shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday and reported the double murder, which prompted a homicide investigation.

via Man charged in double slaying in Markham | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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More fake nuke bomb footage

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It really is time for some HD or modern nuke bomb footage. It’s amazing people are still terrorized by such ancient fakery.

This is hilarious. Watch carefully this (purportedly real) A-bomb test footage, from 5:17 onwards – and find “the magician behind the curtain”.

Hint: we can see the studio cameraman (his head and hand) behind the mushroom cloud…

Direct link to 5:17 timeline:

via THE NUKE HOAX • Cluesforum.info.

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