Visual illusion

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Eyewitness testimony is among the most unreliable — even your own eyes can fool you quite easily.

Speaking of eyewitnesses on 9/11 – most, if not all, were paid (media) actors that saw exactly nothing themselves. Even the conflicted sightings were put there by design, because eyewitnesses are, once more, unreliable as a rule.

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2 thoughts on “Visual illusion

  1. Tom


    Alan Davies – one of the two morphed faces is a well known actor and comedian here in the UK.
    He’s got a ‘lovable’ persona and is a permanent fixture of this BBC staple ”intelligent”, comedy quiz show QI, along with Stephen Fry. He’s well known for being an Arsenal fan.

    As soon as I saw the pictures of Lee Rigby last May I thought I could see lovable Alan Davies somehow morphed in there.

    The Arsenal link with the station Woolwich Arsenal serving as a subconscious constant reference to anyone using London’s tube network to Arsenal and Woolwich.

    Just projecting, I can just see Alan Davies’ smiling face on English newspapers around the middle of May as Arsenal win the league and Drummer Lee Rigby is remembered down there in Woolwich and the whole thing ties together in the national consciousness.


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