Who are the “THEY?” in the New World Order??

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I am really enjoying this series with Tom Friess. Makes ’s secret societies speech sound a little more relevant.

If you were to control the governments of the world, wouldn’t you have to have control of the education in the World? Who in the world are known has the great educators?? The same Jesuit structure was employed by the Jesuit-educated, Adam Weishaupt, when the Bavarian Illuminati was officially launched on May1st, 1776 and by many other secret groupings. The Bavarian Illuminati is a strand in the bigger web, which also calls itself the Illuminati. Weishaupt taught Roman Catholic Canon Law at the


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8 thoughts on “Who are the “THEY?” in the New World Order??

  1. tsisageya

    I guess the word is CONTROL. Who is in control? Who wants to be in control? Those very words make me laugh. Aren’t humans supposed to be IN CONTROL of it all? Aren’t humans at the top of the food chain? Aren’t we at the top of the totem pole? The mere thought makes me laugh and laugh.

    Why, then, have humans destroyed the Earth? Why, then, have humans befouled their very nest when other, lesser, animals do not? I’m just curious. No one has to answer.

  2. ala samoan

    Just remember the rulers are not perfect, if they were we wouldn’t have this type of correspondence. They can’t control every single human on the planet, there’ve been run out of a lot countries in the past.

    The reason why there is a push towards the singularity movement, where man merges with machine is to have TOTAL control over man. At the moment some of us still have our own thoughts and freewill. As soon as man merges with machine, and there’s plenty of evidence it will, we will lose all freewill and the ability to obtain our own thoughts.

  3. ala samoan

    Have you any evidence JFK did not write that speech. Too many assumptions not enough evidence, because most presidents are controlled puppets, therefore every single one has been controlled. Never once in history has one stepped out of line, assumptions and stereotyping.

    The JFK assignation was a psyop, it’s doesn’t mean their objective outcome of the psyop is what we assume it to be. If JFK did died that day, why was fakery used, because he didn’t die??? Or to throw us down rabbit holes. For some people to spend decades and decades researching JFK is ridiculous, we’re on this planet for a short time, I can think of better things to do than spend my life trying to find out how or if a man died. That’s a result of a psyop.

    I think he’s 6 feet under.

    1. UNreal

      I think he’s 6 feet under

      me too !

      but i do not believe JFK died 22/11/63.
      we can actually establish as a fact the Zapruder film is faked,,
      if JFK and his crew (or masters) faked a film or murder, i would not trust them for any information as to who wrote what,,,

      most probably JFK was another actor and in that case he played his role;
      acting not screenwriting.

      Show 77 with Ab & Bluemoon is worth to listen to (moreso than Fetzer & co)

      1. ala samoan

        Yes I believe fakery was used, there’s evidence of that, but I’m not in the, JFK did not die, he’s retired on some island camp. Nor am I in the JFK was completely controlled camp.

        I’ve listened to the 77 talk, I better have another listen to it.

  4. UNreal

    Garbage in = Garbage out

    I mean,,, JFK was a psyop and whoever refers to selected quotes from a speech he “teleprompted” and probably never even was implied in writing is just,,, ridiculous.

    we should not forget why we are manipulated; our society is established by a minority that manipulates the majority to serve them in ways that are contrary to their own interest and livelihood.
    so, the biggest threat to the rulers existence would be that the majority stop to believe in (and live by) the system they have made (and are still elaborating) for themselves.

  5. ala samoan

    Top Freiss brings an interesting prospective to why JFK was assassinated, which holds a lot of weight. It also does not mean that there wasn’t any fakery used.

    I’m not sure if the Jesuits are at the very top, however I can’t find any hard proof or evidence that there are any other elite families or organisations above them. All that can be done is to research and cross examine the information that is accessible to us. As well as cross referencing other works, which will lead you to make a decision on who should be exposed. To asume or chase a boogie man is a dead end road.

    Also have a look into these two brothers, it helps understand who founded Washington D.C and Georgetown University



    I posted this youtube video yesterday, more connecting the dots on the Jesuits . (i’d rather post these video’s, than cry Jesuit, Jesuit, Jesuit or Jew, Jew, Jew)

    Please note: the last section of the video has Biblical references, but in mind it is relevant.

    (Jesuit NWO Power Structure) www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZQa_P…

  6. ArmunnRigh

    A mistake that is often made, in my view, is to confuse the method enforcers use with the mastermind behind them. The same arguments presented in this post to point at the Jesuits as the “masters” of the conspiracy can and are used to point at the Jews, for example – this is because all henchmen, all active groups, even perceived opponents (recall the “Left vs Right” post at the forum), are given the same methods and sworn into the same oaths to fulfill their given tasks and missions.

    The Jesuits do not own the methods, nor the oaths, that they employ, nor does any other participant group. The methods are a signature, yes, but not a sign of the master’s presence; to say so would be to say that anyone who steals is the gangster boss of that town. They are instead a signature of an enforcer, of a missionary (just like the Jesuits say they are), working for their invisible God(s).

    I think that nothing that is visible will lead us to a true external archenemy we can engage and fight – the only enemy we can fight and whose defeat will be decisive is ourselves, one at a time. If we can internally remove ourselves from the playing field, that is, mentally withdraw from the reality program, then we may win back a bit of sanity, a bit of our authentic living – which is actually what they fear the most.

    The master can deal easily with accusations, revelations and even the sacrifice of his grunts and officers – what he can’t deal with is disinterest in his reality – and that’s where his entire focus has always been set upon: pick any side, pick any card, but pick one.

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