World Trade Center: Built to be destroyed

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I am convinced that the WTC were built to be destroyed. They were simply props for the event. It's the only logical explanation for them being built in the first place, as they never made economic or financial sense as real estate investments. I also doubt that the Rockefellers are the architects of the entire grand design. They are simply the frontmen or conduit for a much larger organization. Larry Silverstein is simple the low-level place holder of business owner – the ever present “Jew” that set to be the first, most obvious, target. From anti-Zionist shill Keven Barrett:

The more we learn about the World Trade Center, the more it appears that the whole project – from its creation by New World Order chieftain David Rockefeller, to its explosive demolition on 9/11, to its current resurrection by insurance-fraud suspect Larry Silverstein – has been one gigantic scam. On Sunday, investigative journalist Shawn Boburg published a story in the North Jersey Record detailing the mafia-style fraud that characterized the career of World Trade Center Director Guy Tozzoli. The fraud only increased when Tozzoli ostensibly retired in 1986 and sold the name “World Trade Center” to himself for ten dollars.…

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