Can we close the Sandy Hoax case up now?

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The hoaxsters are getting lazy. My comment:

All I see is an old school that needs to be replaced (at 10x the normal cost). I guess the Hollywool special effects people are busy making their own movies to spare any time ghouling up child actors (or ) with blood and guts. Thanks for saving us all the time with your review. It’s time to ignore the hoaxsters – that would be their worst nightmare – that no-one cares about their fake reality.

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6 thoughts on “Can we close the Sandy Hoax case up now?

  1. tsisageya

    Yes, we can. You don’t need my permission but, yes. In fact, from the very beginning we knew.

    Bullshit, and then some more. I would NOT want to be those people. Disgusting.

  2. columjaddica

    I’ve been certain for most of a year that this was all a movie, but I won’t “close the case” until at least a few dozen people are in prison…

    This case could be open for awhile…

    Sandy Hook was so shameful, moreso than most psyops.

    1. elbuggo

      Re: I won’t “close the case” until at least a few dozen people are in prison

      How would you go about to make that happen? Have anyone committed any crimes that you can point out to us? Like what? Gene Rosen telling his BS on live TV? What would that crime be? That actor Anderson Cooper is faking another story with another actor in an “interview”? What crime would that be? The cops were either actors or formally enrolled in a drill, etc.

      Cannot see they have committed any crimes in this operation at all. Deception isn’t necessary illegal, but could very well be protected free speech.

      They simply blocked of the area as they always do on movie sets and in Reality Shows, and aired the movie or stuff on live news. Perfectly legal as far as I can tell, even if I don’t like it so much.


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