Don’t bury, delay

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Are we at that point of research? Was 2013 a breakout year? Is anybody listening?

“It is not necessary to bury the truth. It is sufficient merely
to delay it until nobody cares.” ~ Napoléon Bonaparte

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1 thought on “Don’t bury, delay

  1. knagjak

    Think about it. What kind of other major distractions do they have up their sleeve? The very assertive, investigative people will remember 911 like it was yesterday. They will be very unruffled when the news anchor in year 2050 says “We played a funny joke on you sheeple almost 50 years ago, 911 might as well been a Hollywood flick! Now here is Bran Swatcher for the news. It depends the level of basically mind control at the time of revelation. I mean it would really take a lot in my eyes to come clean of a fraud like that and have no body care. Unless of-course its the next generation than its more than possible.

    This year has been phenomenal. A lot of information in all types of virtual and physical forms. Different points of view and a lot of people are coming out of their comfort zone and starting to see a different reality. Nothing, as far as ive seen, has come close to halting this awakening going on. I hope that there are no double ops tainting the good vibe.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!


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