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  1. columjaddica

    Here’s the video I saw earlier from a “Darrin Radermacher” who at least appears from a Google seach to be a real person, probably a farmer, from the local area. It’s rare for any of the people who provide these things to be somebody outside of media or PR.

    Note what looks like a mobile incident command post fleeing the scene on the road in the foreground (although I suppose it could be a regular RV).

    (I can’t see to get the link to show for the video, or embed it. it’s youtube.com/ with watch?v=L1ft1u6c0rI appended)

  2. columjaddica

    These things tend to happen with anything involving oil from North America fracking or oil-sands. I don’t hear of too many accidents with oil from foreign sources once it gets here. Just sayin…

    It’s been the trend, think Lac Megantic but there have been other examples lately.

    Also, ben’s linked-in is interesting. Wondering what he is doing in ND? Eyewitnesses always seem to work in PR, I guess those are the folks that have the iPhone ready???


    Solution oriented-manager. Creative,with experience in media relations, community relations and public affairs. Experienced in planning and executing community forums and business events. Served as corporate spokesperson. Excellent “soft skills” and able to represent an organization well in a variety of business venues.

    Specialties: Internal / External Communications

    • Public Relations
    • Government Relations
    • Marketing Management
    • Nonprofit Management
    • Community Organizations

    Interestingly (to me) I saw a different video of this mushroom cloud earlier, that was credited to somebody who at least appeared to be a local farmer. I was surprised to see he didn’t have a background in PR, figured this might be real, glad to see this now…

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