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What’s going on down there?

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Antarctica Trip 2001

Antarctica Trip 2001 (Photo credit: John “Pathfinder” Lester)

One has to wonder, on this last day of the year, what’s really going on down there, on the last really unknown land mass of the earth. What do we really know about it, other than its damn cold all the time? What secrets does it hold, regarding the shape of the earth? Why is our best understanding of it a penguin movie?

Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators recently made a stunning discovery: a box of 22 exposed but unprocessed negatives, frozen in a block of ice for nearly one hundred years.

via 100-Year-Old Negatives Recovered From Antarctica: Photos : Discovery News.

Scientists aboard ship trapped in the Antarctica ring in New Year

The Australian government’s supply ship Aurora Australis on Monday came within 10 nautical miles of the marooned vessel — which has 74 research scientists, tourists and crew on board — but was forced to turn back by snow showers and freezing winds.

Read more: www.smh.com.au/world/scientist…

AMSA said a landing site had been marked on the ice beside the Russian ship, adding that only passengers and none of the ship’s 22 crew would be evacuated.

Is it possible that all this drama is really being carried out somewhere off the Siberian coast? Why is Russia always involved?

What are they hiding?

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War entertainment, with some media

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Some entertainment for the last hours of 2013. As long as you group everything from the weapon of mass deception as entertainment, you should be ok.

Here’s two vids. Which do you prefer?


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Plane crash 1-77-1

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This old fake plane crash story is brought you by the number 7.

I only highlight this story because the video creator mentions that all that is left of the plane and its content is paper everywhere (well, that’s not really true – he did say that the triggerman’s finger was stuck behind the trigger [which was used as proof to close the case] – what a sense of humor these guys have). This of course is what we are told was left all over Manhattan on 9/11.

Is there something significant, I wonder (in the occult), about paper surviving, intact, after horrific events? Is it just a psyOp gag?

h/t Kieron

I wonder how many real plane crashes there have been.

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