Plane crash 1-77-1

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This old fake story is brought you by the number 7.

I only highlight this story because the video creator mentions that all that is left of the plane and its content is paper everywhere (well, that’s not really true – he did say that the triggerman’s finger was stuck behind the trigger [which was used as proof to close the case] – what a sense of humor these guys have). This of course is what we are told was left all over Manhattan on .

Is there something significant, I wonder (in the occult), about paper surviving, intact, after horrific events? Is it just a gag?

h/t Kieron

I wonder how many real plane crashes there have been.

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2 thoughts on “Plane crash 1-77-1

  1. khammad

    Hahahaha, I love it: Flight 1771, 770 mph, stole $70, crashed on Dec. 7, 1987, 7 employees died, 43 people died total 4+3=7.


    I just looked up the 7 employees names in the social security death index:
    Deborah Neil – Not listed
    Debra Vuylsteke – Not Listed
    Douglas Arthur – Not Listed
    Gregg Lindamood – Not Listed
    Julie Gottsman – Not Listed
    James Nunn – LISTED, died 1987
    John Conte – LISTED, died 1987

    David Burke – LISTED, died 1987

    I wonder how many of the passenger victims are listed in the social security death index?

  2. smj

    stories like this make me wonder what the hell the ntsb folks do all day if most of these plane crashes and train derailments are bullshit. i once took a aviation law class that i attended no more than once or twice, so i having trouble remembering who the prof. was. i think it was this spook–

    and continuing with aviation 7 theme, the dude who teaches it now claims to be one 34 board certified aviation lawyers in florida.….

    oh, and by the way, reince preibus was in my section.

    the university of miami is one spooky place. that is, if you are in the know.

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