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Friday night funnies

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When I think of those that plan and orchestrate the psyOps of the day, I often think how do these people sleep at night, planning and plotting to deceive and control the sheeple? Do they like their jobs, or dislike them and struggle through just to make a paycheck like the rest of us?

My mind then drifts to simplicity, remembering the simpler days when I was asleep. I then recall cartoons like this, and it all begins to make sense.

It is all, after all, just a game.

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The point of the Beiber and Ford distractions

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Your pocket is picked every time a Ford or Beiber story gets promoted, or any other media distraction for that matter.

It eats up one-quarter of all property taxes collected by the City of Toronto yet two days into the budget debate, the police department’s $1.08-billion price tag has barely been mentioned.

Not by Mayor Rob Ford, though his $60 million in proposed cuts includes eliminating library security guards, nor by his brother Doug Ford, who has attacked Chief Bill Blair for wasting money investigating his brother.

via Rising police budget draws few questions from councillors | Toronto Star.

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Friday music video transformation

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Not too sure what she’s saying, but this little video edit-fest is informative.

BOGGIE – PARFÜM (hungarian version of Nouveau Parfum) on Vimeo on Vimeo

via BOGGIE – PARFÜM (hungarian version of Nouveau Parfum) on Vimeo.

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SimSnowden’s siminterview

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Simon doing what he does best – exposing anomalies in video evidence to expose the deception that is Snowden. The discussion with BTO in this thread is also quite interesting.

While people are debating where’s SimSnowden, we’re debating his flesh and bones existence at all. Does this really help improve our lives? I think so. Since we’re talking about what’s most likely a simulated situation with simulated actors, there’s hardly anything to worry about. Not worrying is proven to extend your lifespan. Isn’t that worth it?

If so, does it make sense that the lefthand and righthand cameras show the objects to the right (lampshade/globe/and black pyramid) at almost identical angles – in relation to Snowden and his own chair in the foreground?

The probability of simulated model entities in adverts •

via The probability of simulated model entities in adverts •


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Simon says,

See, I truly believe that the Nutwork lives in REAL fear – and that the perpetuation of the FAKE fear we live in is their only hope to keep going. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Nutwork’s master plan/project would be titled “FEARPORN”. Every single thing they do has one, very distinctive and undeniable purpose: to instill FEAR and SUBMISSION in the masses. Yeah, I know – this all sounds quite ‘old hat’ speech, but let’s not dismiss long-tested and confirmed paradigms just because they are old – and were revealed “too many years ago”.

via The probability of simulated model entities in adverts •

Agreed. Fear and money are the 1,2 punch of psyOps, fakery, drills, and other media events.

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Tim’s rant

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I like speaking to Tim. Here’s a rant that seems aimed a bit over this way. I’m not sure why he’s so latched on to White Nationalism (the impressions I get), but perhaps he has some valid points about getting too lost in the fakeologist distraction.

I am so fucking tired of this bullshit, surrounding the saint hood of this dumb fuck mike king, the shit face. Guess who financed him……right…

This “man” I use this term loosely to describe this fraud, mike king. He was propped up by the Communist party, to usher in the beginning of White Genocide. Otherwise known as Diversity or Multiculturalism. You may scoff this off, but no other race is in such dire straits as the Europeans as people and as Nations.

These facts are why the Media Fakery group has been created and pushed. They are designed to keep you in conspiracy land. Thinking that if you expose this “hoax’ all will be well, all the problems facing our Race and Nation(s) will be eliminated. The psyop game will be a thing o the past. Yet it continues on one alleged hoax at a time. No ground is being gained in this type of reasoning.

via JankyJ: The beast – the shit face- the fakery puppets.

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Rare or not, this may interest you if you’re into seeing the latest in green screen news fakery from September 11, 2001. The staged interviews are particularly telling. It’s interesting reviewing the videos now, knowing what we know from the fakery around Sandy Hoax and the Boston Bombings.

I have not actually spent much time watching the day’s coverages as it “unfolded”. Most of us have not. We have simply watched the “lowlights” of a plane repeatedly crashing into the WTC, over and over and over again.

Try making your way through this as terrortainment. Hey, a new word! Watching this as terrortainment, you’ll see memes and themes you may never have heard/noticed before. Golly Mickey, even Disneyworld was closed for the day! Post your comments below.

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What is the Third World?

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Simon brings up a great post on the Third World. It’s a phrase I always associated with an impoverished, backward, country. In fact, it originally was coined to describe a non NATA/Soviet country – ie. a country that may actually have been independent of perhaps one of the most anti-human nation-type dialectics of all time!

Perhaps third world countries are blamed as terrorist sources because they can’t fight back, ie. there is no way for them to protest via the “first” world’s controlled media.

Subdivo wrote:


The following comment applies to the Boston Marathon case but also to most “terrorist attacks”. The goal of the latter is to strike fear into the heart of the people and make them look “outside” and not “inside”, both in a geographical meaning and an inner meaning, i. e. to reinforce the idea that every Western “citizen” lives in a great democratic country (with an equally great government which protects its “citizens”) which bad and foreign terrorists wish to destroy. However, not every “attack” should be regarded as operations set up by “our” “governments”. Indeed, many third-world psychopaths do enter European countries and North America every day due to the open border policy.

Subdivo mon ami,

That – rather funny – last sentence of yours (highlighted in red) inspires me to ask you a couple of questions.

QUESTION 1: Do you know that the most arrogant and disparaging term “Third World” was coined during the (utterly staged and phony) “COLD WAR” – and promptly adopted by Western psychopaths who’ve kept bombing, pillaging and plundering the natural resources of the militarily weaker and less industrialized (“third world”) countries for centuries? Actually – and for accuracy, the term was first coined by a Frenchman, Alfred Sauvy:

“French demographer, anthropologist and historian Alfred Sauvy, in an article published in the French magazine L’Observateur, August 14, 1952, coined the term Third World, referring to countries that were unaligned with either the Communist Soviet bloc or the Capitalist NATO bloc during the Cold War”(…)…

Now, and please understand – I am NOT suggesting that there are NO bad people in the “third world” – or that NO such bad people ever enter our Western countries with bad intentions. However, this brings me to question N°2:

QUESTION 2: Can you point me out any major terrorist attack (as reported by the Western media) in the Western world in later years / or decades which have been provenly perpetrated by “third world” citizens / or terror organizations?

A bon entendeur !

via Boston Marathon- alLEGed “terror attack”- Apr15, 2013 •

Countries of the Third World – Nations Online Project

It’s amazing that Iran is considered a third world country, at least according to press freedom. Here’s a past post of mine on Iran.  Check the videos and tell me how backward Iran is.

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Michael Schumacher – DCP?

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I’m not a racing fan, and don’t really know the status of Schumacher, aged, 44, or the status of his sport. I do think, however, that ski accidents are another common way (like exploding car crashes where there is no trace of the driver left) to get rid of (from the scene, not likely from the living) celebrity politicians or entertainment/sports personalities. Is Michael, like Sonny Bono, a new member of the dead celebrity program?

Two reasons for the DCP are to re-invigorate a moribund career, or remove someone (like Sonny) who is investigating something controversial or dangerous from the scene to scare others off from doing the same thing for real.

Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is in danger of being in a persistent vegetative state, known as Apallic Syndrome, according to an Austrian news website.

Michael Schumacher’s condition not described as critical for first time by manager

Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma at a hospital in Grenoble since he crashed and hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps on Dec. 29.

via Michael Schumacher could remain in persistent vegetative state after skiing accident: report | National Post.

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