Hoaxbuster on the mininukes

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Chris has a good rant on the mini-nukes question – the last big diversion being promoted on the Fetzer fan club blog.

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1 thought on “Hoaxbuster on the mininukes

  1. JoeyZ

    Chris’ brutally incisive logic is quite disarming. Things that blowup,
    do so in “all” directions, violently and indiscriminately. And… if there
    were these things called “mini-nukes,” (burden of proof fallacy), they
    would have blown these structures, contents and all, upward and outward as
    far as the eye could see. But what we do see on the most trusted collapse
    footage that is accepted by Fox, Fetzer, et. all – is just a downward spiral
    movement of energy!

    And, “now,” I’m beginning to understand that the only folks who have
    ever produced any real nukes at all are the “artisans” who are employed
    by the venerable motion picture industry.

    Hey, can you say “Wag The Dog?”

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