33 again

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Received my costco flyer today.

I don’t look that hard for these , but it’s amazing how they pop up everywhere.

In this case, who would bother to verify the claim of saving $33,000 if you bought the entire catalog?

Is this use of 33 code, a gag, or good marketing?

Do the occult rule everything, or do their marketers love to appease them?

I write this as the temperature outside is -22C.

Can’t escape  the numbers!


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4 thoughts on “33 again

  1. Tom

    The numbers! Haha. They’re everywhere!

    My take as of today is these 33’s etc are mnemonics in advertising and psyops. They’re catchy numbers.

    With something like the gramophone record long player speed being 33 and 1/3 , I see it as deliberately placed by ‘Masons’ if you will. The Costco flyer is more likely some marketing guy using the catchy 33 – made more catchy of course, by original placements over time of these catchy numbers.

    It’s part of their Magick isn’t it? …Making the numbers fit…they can have their own serendipity. Good tools for the fools.

    Hey, it’s 33% off, all over the supermarkets…it’s become part of retail speak. The maths is interesting within a decimal system.

    If you divide 10 by 3 you get an infinite number 3.3 recurring. This shows the maths to appear to be impractical.
    You cannot make a practical model with a recurring number as a real world measurement. You cannot divide 100 by 3 and make an equilateral triangle with sides of 33.3 recurring? Or can you?! This model perhaps mimics natures infinity! Ha! The infinite triangle? Fuck knows, I’m rambling.

    Straight-up, I got a letter from HM Customs the other day….a tax rebate of £1133.

    I did take two looks at it – brushed it off, and spent it.

    1. ab Post author

      My point is spend time looking for 9,11x when reading the “news”. You then look deeper if you see psyop traits. It is really quite amazing how many stories are PROBABLY completely fabricated. The magick #s are simply signatures.

  2. farcevalue

    I am considering taking an “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” stance: pricing items I have to sell in multiples of eleven, picking stocks or commodities at prices that bottom out at numerically significant points. (I still remember when I should have bought gold when it hit $740, that would have been a good time). Change the reps in my workout to 9 or 11 instead of 10. If I get mad and need to cool down I’ll count to 11.

    Who knows? Maybe it works. Must be doing something for them!


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