Hollow towers

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Hollow or empty towers went a long way to helping me understand the depth of the . Here are old two audios that are worth listening to with Phil and Larry describing their investigation.





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2 thoughts on “Hollow towers

  1. tsisageya

    For some reason, this particular photograph, true or not, disgusts me more than any other thing. In fact, disgust is the word of the day regarding (guard my tongue, Lord) this event.

    I am disgusted.

  2. columjaddica

    Just curious, how long has letsrollforums been around? In the first video Fetzer sounds unfamiliar with the site. How long has Fetzer been covering 9/11?

    I’ve only listened to a few new Fetzer shows and what stands out about the audio of these older broadcasts is that Fetzer’s voice and mannerisms sound different and he is a lot less excitable.

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