Mixing 9/11 with nukes

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As the final knot unravels with the realization that the 9 buildings at the WTC in NYC were demolished (by ) conventionally and the collapse footage being Hollywool (by CGI), it seems that the forums are being flooded with the tried and trusted and NOT true nuclear (unclear) Magick myth.

When the beliebers stop believing, hit them with something you know scares them.and shuts them.up.

For me, it was because of the that I even bothered to question the whole nuclear concept (and all of science for that matter).

Here’s a 0;linesman” with some “inside” information. He questions at the end why they would go to all the trouble to fake it. This is method #3 from Penn and ’s handbook. The answer in the end is money and fear – boatloads of both.

I see your “take on it” and I’d like to contribute to this thread if I may, and I beg pardon for quoting your contribution as an illustration of some general misunderstandings people have about nukes.


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