Ontario, what exactly is the SIU?

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Am I the only one in Ontario that thinks there is something severely wrong with the whole SIU? It is really a civilian agency that is meant to oversee police wrongdoing, or is it simply a black hole where information allegedly goes in and never comes out? Are there any real civilians the board? Was it ever a real entity? Has it been taken over by dark forces? These are serious questions that a real investigative reporter needs to find answers to. Do real investigative reporters even (ever) exist?

The following story of 0;another” Toronto-area man being shot due to mental health issues is full of holes, problems, and lack of information (the Sammy Yatin streetcar hoax was the other big one). If this is a real case, then where is the real information? If a public civilian police oversight body is really looking into it, then the information should be public immediately.

The SIU seems to stand for no information at all, not now, and maybe not ever. I’ll provide links and screenshots for you to peruse, and help me decide if this case is real or simply another psyOp with a police-gone-wild-mental-health issue meme (with a childhood bullying thrown in for good measure).

Police shooting victim’s family to hold Ajax vigil | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

Police shooting victim s family to hold Ajax vigil   Toronto   GTA   News   Toronto Sun

Durham Regional Police Service statement with no information.

Special Investigations Unit — News Release

The SIU has assigned 13 investigators and three forensic investigators to probe the circumstances of this incident.  At this time, one subject officer and four witness officers have been designated.

If this is a psyOp, what other memes could be at play? Could the agitators/inventors of these psyOps be more interested in creating a dialectic to create turmoil/strife, such as

  • police boosters vs. police haters
  • mental health advocates vs. frugal taxpayers
  • pro-civilian police oversight (SIU) vs. police self-investigation (Internal affairs)
  • police budget boosters vs. police budget cutters

Who, if any in these bodies, are complicit? How many, if any, have to be aware of a hoax/psyOp within the SIU or the police? Is anyone in our unaccountable or uncontrolled provincial government aware or able to do anything about this co-opted civilian/police structure? Is creating and maintaining the Rob Ford drug-using mayor farce used to keep the public’s critical eye off these very serious (especially if fake) hoaxes?

Is anyone paying attention? Does anyone care? Is the public fully conditioned to accepting the fact that no serious matter can ever be resolved, and is simply pushed down and out of sight by endless waves of nonsensical or fake news – never to be followed  up or brought up again?

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