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Canadians “gone” south

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Update: 1/5/14: they now have a fundraiser page.

Hi everyone. We now have a gofundme page.www.gofundme.com/61oyeo please visit this page and spread the word. Shirley’s family needs all the help they can get in this time of need. My condolences to all that Shirley touched. She was truly an angel! RIP Shirley! Justice will be served!

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I’m sure people can/do get into trouble when vacationing/moving away from Canada (to get away from -24C mornings, who can blame them). I’m not sure that the stories we’re given, however, are real. The facebook evidence we’re given, on even a quick glance, is completely unconvincing.

A photo posted on Facebook by Shawn shows his mother smiling and tanned with her hair braided, beads in Rastafarian colours on one side, Canadian flag colours on the other.

Friends say Lewis-McFarlane was always quick to laugh, and usually had a smile on her face, especially while gardening.

via Aurora woman found brutally murdered in Jamaica | Toronto Star.

Aurora woman slain in Jamaica | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

Support For Friends And Family Of Shirley Lewis-McFarlane

Do these Facebook posters on the above site look real to you? Note the dates they started on Facebook. Note when their accounts become very active. Note their photos, note their friends. Note how most are completely public (most people are quite private on facebook, last time I looked).









ep83-Fakeologist RAW

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RAWtime: Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014, 9:11pm EST

Guests: Dr. Death, Sarah, Rollo, Armunn, Chub, Tyler

Note: our site went down during the show, so make sure you bookmark the backup elements below.

Topics: Past fakeologist.com entries, reflections on 2013, projections for 2014

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Dust Ban 22

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Two of our listeners have a good dustup and discuss our audio.

Getting better guys! You should record your audios yourselves and upload or bittorrent sync them.


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Radiating fear

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I doubt this report is accurate in any way, but I do believe the premise. The only thing radiating from Fukushima or Chernobyl is fear and the smoke from burning tax dollars. I vote nuclear (unclear) the most dangerous psyOp to emerge in the last 111 years.

The most current analysis estimates that, out of 10,929 people in the exposed population who have died of cancer, only 527 of those deaths were caused by radiation from the atomic bombs. For the entire population exposed, in many cases to extremely high levels of radiation, that’s an excess cancer mortality rate of about two-thirds of 1 percent.

via Fear vs. Radiation – The Mismatch – NYTimes.com.

h/t Johan Backes in chat.fakeologist.com

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