Make it an 11

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It may be cold in the prairies, but at least they win the . This session of 0;good luck” brought to you by our favorite number.

Canada’s Prairie Provinces might just be the luckiest places to be, if the closing days of 2013 are any indication.

Eleven days — 11 new millionaires.

The Western Canada Lottery Corporation pointed out just how frequently good fortune smiled on lotto ticket buyers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba Friday.

It’s more than $74 million bucks heading to Prairie players and a sizeable portion of those winnings are owed to tickets purchased here in Alberta.

via Playing lottery in Canada’s Prairie Provinces proves lucky , with 11 millionaires in 11 days | Alberta | News | Calgary Sun.

Ho hum, here’s the lack of story about the other winner in the biggest lottery win ever (?) in the US:

Lottery winner nearly forgot ticket

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